The Kingdom Within You

You are your own Kingdom.

Family won’t tell you that. Friends may not want you to believe that. And society programs you to be blind to it. Yet the fact remains that within you resides a kingdom of power and creativity; a kingdom that you have not met, or begun to even understand yet.

Your Multiversal existence is part of an engine that has many moving parts. Yet despite its complexities, your existence and very being, can all be distilled into three main aspects.

These are:

1. Physical

2. Mental

3. Spirit/ Soul

These three aspects of your multiversal self, form a simplified, yet powerful blueprint to the architecture of your existence.

To develop a powerful will and to live a fulfilled existence, these three parts of you need to be fed, balanced and aligned all in equal measure.

Neglect, Imbalances and Flabby Lives

Most people live flabby lives. They live in a sloppy and undisciplined manner. And as a result, they suffer existences of imbalanced discord.

I know many people who are intellectually powerful, yet physically weak. And I know others that are physically fit yet do nothing to feed their intellect.

Conversely, I know a lot of spiritually adept people that couldn’t do more than 20 push-ups without coughing up a lung. And I know a lot of people that spend countless hours sculpting and developing their body/ analyzing what food they put into it etc. yet when it comes to their spiritual development they live with trashy abandon.

Living like this creates imbalances, and imbalances will always rob you of your calm and keep fulfillment well out of your reach.

To illustrate how to remedy this malady of life, let me present you with an analogy…

The Three Towers

Think of your being and all that you are, as a castle. This castle is yours and within its walls resides a very precious kingdom.

Now think of this castle as having three defensive towers that keep your kingdom safe from external threats.

One of these towers is called ‘Mental,’ the other ‘Physical,’ and last one ‘Spirit.’

In this scenario we will also view any external force (person or thing) as a band of would-be invaders, hell bent on breaching your castles walls.

Now, if all three of your towers are manned by alert and well trained guards; guards that are willing to do whatever it takes to protect the castle, this will ensure that your castle has maximum protection from invasion.

In fact if your tower defenses are this formidable, then word of your defenses may even spread throughout the land, and prevent any would-be invader from even trying their luck to begin with.

However if only a few of these towers are manned — or some are manned with poorly trained guards that couldn’t care less about the castle — then your kingdom is at great risk because only if all three towers work in unison, will your kingdom truly ever be safe.

You see, this is exactly how your life and your existence also function.

Every day your mind and spirit are under constant attack from outside influences. The media, your friends, family or even the strangers that you meet — all of them are trying to influence your thoughts and feelings in some way, shape, or form. They all have an agenda, and they want you to think and feel in a certain way in order for you to contribute toward their agenda.

In some cases, someone could even physically attack or intimidate you in an attempt to control your physical self. And even if a person never instigated an assault on you, nature will. Forces like gravity and time itself, are forever raging a steady war upon your physical self.

But when we work on these towers of our being; work diligently to strengthen and master them — we break free of the influence of the outside world and actually become independent in all aspects of our being.

The Dependent Independent

Most people are dependent.

They think that they are independent just because they are adults, have a job and a house etc but yet they are heavily dependent/ base their lives around the opinions of friends, family and society.

Having real independence means that you are not under the influence of anyone else. True independence is found within being the sole controller of ones physical, mental, and spiritual self.

And this independence of your three selves is only attained through balanced mastery of each of your three towers.

It is not enough to just train your mind, you must also tend to your soul too. And is not enough to feed your physical body, when your astral selves are in a state of neglect.

A fulfilled person is he/ she who’s weekly schedule consistently includes training (fortifying) of their Mental, Physical and Spirit towers.

It’s not hard to do this, nor does it require some magical method. All it takes is inclusion and organization.

Here are some suggestions of things you could include in order to strengthen your towers:


This tower simply requires that you engage in physical exercise and movement. Take a look at the human body, it wasn’t primarily designed for sitting or ‘Netflix and chill’ purposes.

No, the human body was designed to move, and movement is what you must feed it with.

There are four activities that form the four main pillars that will support and strengthen your Physical tower.

1. Working out in the gym

2. Doing bodyweight training

3. Taking long walks

These first three pillars aren’t optional activities, they are compulsory requisites that contribute toward the development of your Physical tower and also to you having and leading a life of quality and health. Keep in mind the fact that if your body is not strong, then your mind and soul cannot/ will not function to optimum levels either.

4. Combat training

The final pillar involves you taking up a form of martial/ combative training. This is an area many people neglect, and an area in which neglect can be a very costly mistake. You may wish to live a life of peace and avoid conflict; however we live in a world where everyone has free will, and sometimes the will of others can be to do you harm. By learning a PRACTICAL combative art (such as Boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu, Krav Maga etc) you exercise control over your Physical tower, improve your coordination, and stop the chance of anyone stealing/ influencing your power and Physical self.


You must keep your Mental and Spirit towers strong. Your mind is a very powerful engine that can be used for your benefit or detriment. Most people do not train their mental capacity and as result are easily influenced, or to put it another way: easily ‘lit’ or ‘triggered.’

The media and society in general is a veritable smorgasbord of negativity. News outlets constantly try and influence you to think a certain way, and believe whatever rhetoric they are trying to shove down your throat. Governments are no better and, unfortunately, ‘joe public’ believes and reacts to all that he is fed, resulting in a world full of sheeple as opposed to people.

The mind is a sponge and will saturate itself with what it can, especially if it is left to be idle.

What you must do is to purposely feed your mind with what you desire, as opposed to what society wishes you to believe. Let your mind be so busy working and ruminating upon what you feed it, that it has no time to be sidetracked or influenced by any external force.

1. Read at least two books a month

2. Meditate for 15 minutes a day, every day

3. Spend 10 minutes a day consciously and consistently focusing on positive things in your life

4. Spend at least 15 minutes a day planning out goals that you wish to achieve

5. Spend another 15 minutes a day writing down methods by which you can and will achieve these goals. **Make sure to revisit and update your strategies on a daily basis**

This process of daily tasks does more than occupy your mind, it brings you mastery of your mental and spiritual facilities and ensures that your existence resides in your control and in your hand.

When you learn to train all three of these aspects, your towers become both fortified and intimidating — ensuring the safety of your castle and kingdom.

The consistent application of time and action to these three towers leads you to proficiency, and from proficiency the road to mastery can be travelled.

And mastery of these three towers is a place from which you can become free of external influence; which is truly the mark of an independent being on this plain of existence as well as several others.

Until next time, make sure to Live More Than You Exist.


5 responses to “The Kingdom Within You

  1. Another great article man!
    I love how you break it down the way you do.
    Keeping it simple yet highly effective.
    Thank you for this Ethan!

  2. Very practical advice and if taken on board will change your life for sure. Taking time for ourselves is often over-looked and damaging – thanks for these articles Ethan!!

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