Attention is power.

More accurately YOUR attention has the POWER to create.

One of the greatest realizations that I have made on my own spiritual journey is that within us resides immense and unfiltered power. As a species we may or may not acknowledge that power, but regardless of our recognition of it, the fact remains that we are creative beings.

Many people want to use the Law of Attraction to bring a person, or things, or health into their life. This is both a worthy and realistic pursuit, as the Law of Attraction is both real and in constant motion within our day to day lives. Like gravity, the Law of Attraction is a Universal law that is in play within every moment of our lives.

However the majority of these same people that set out to use the Law of Attraction in their favor, will also most probably experience the bitter disappointment of failing in being able to attract what they desire. And in response to their disappointment, these people might also try to write off the Law of Attraction as “woo-woo nonsense,” or just plain old “bullshit.” But the truth is that the real element at fault is not the Law of Attraction, but how that law is being used and utilized.

In order to fully understand what I’m saying, you need to understand how your attention works.


In order to attract to anyone or anything into your life, you need to first power yourself up, and make yourself attractive. And the way to do this is to stop chasing and stop seeking. You must slow down and start learning how to first fall in love with yourself.

Attention is power. And what you put your attention upon, grows more powerful.

As you give your attention—your power—away, you become less attractive, less powerful, more needy, and less whole.

Everyone and everything, is attracted to wholeness. So to attract what you desire, you must first be in a state of wholeness.

And to be more whole, you must be someone that is not needy, not chasing, and not seeking. You must be someone who is happy, and at peace with themselves. After all, if you cant be happy being with yourself, then why would anyone else want to be with you, or how can you be balanced enough to attract what you want?

The key to building happiness and stability is found within the fact that you have to become your own number one fan.

I know this is probably not the answer that you wanted to hear, and it probably even sounds counterintuitive, but allow me to explain what I mean…

Have you ever seen those street performers playing music, and everyone is just walking past without them and ignoring them? Have you noticed how as soon as one person stops and starts to pay attention to the street performer, then more people will start to do the same?

YOU have to be like that first person who stops, stands, and pays attention. And you have to give that attention to yourself.

You have to be that first person for yourself. And as you do that—by loving yourself, focussing on yourself. As you stop chasing, stop seeking, and stop needing anything from anyone or anything else, and as you learn to be happy and good to yourself—then you will start to turn things around.

It wont be easy at first. But little by little—as you give yourself attention and focus on you—the others, just like in the street performer analogy, will start to join in and be attracted to you. But you have to be the first one.

You see, people are like sheep that are led, or like flies that drawn to the light; they are drawn towards happiness, and they run away from emptiness.

So before you start trying to attract someone or something into you life, ask yourself, which one are you: Are you more empty and needy? Or are you whole and full of happiness for yourself?


You need to understand that in order to get anything, you have to BE it first.

So BE happy. BE at peace. BE the most beautiful, strongest, and healthiest version of yourself. And then see what happens.

I hope you understand that with manifesting anything, of course the first step is to visualize, but then you have to BE what you’re visualizing. For example, if I wanted to be a world champion fighter, if I wanted to manifest that, I would start off by envisaging myself as victorious. I would see myself as having victory. I would see myself as holding that championship belt. I would visualize defeating my opponents. I would visualize BEING the champion.

The next step would be for me to start living EVERY moment of my life like the person that I was visualizing. So when I step out of the door, I would BE the champion. When anyone would say “Hi” to me, in my understanding and belief, they would be greeting the champ. Thats how its done. Focus on that. And from this point onward, BE that person you wish to be. BE happy, BE healthy, BE powerful. Treat yourself well, spoil yourself, and invest in your wellbeing.

You see the truth is that you are a generator of energy. Every human, regardless of race, ethnicity, cultural background and sex, every person is a generator of pure, unadulterated, CREATIVE energy.

Now think of your attention as an outlet for that creative energy inside of you. Imagine your attention is a flashlight. Whatever you shine that flashlight on, your attention (creative energy) will then feed that thing with your energy, and as a result it will grow.

The problem is that most people are shining their flashlight of attention on so many random things, that instead of getting only what they desire, they are flooding their lives with unwanted manifestations too.

The key to fixing this is through AWARENESS. You need to become aware of where you are shining the flashlight of your attention on. By doing this, then you can take control of your attention, which will help you to manifest what you want in life.

To gain that control, requires discipline. It requires taking stock of your thoughts a few times a day. What are you thinking about now? Because whatever that is, THAT is where your attention is residing, and that is what you will attract more of.

So keep in mind that your attention is power. And be aware of where you are placing that attention.

Until next time, make sure to Live More Than You Exist.

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