Attraction, Manifestation, and Other Spiritual Misconceptions

You have to look at life. To truly live, and to be more than just a passive observer, you must learn to look directly into the intimidating eyes of life.

You can’t look at life meekly or it will scoff at you; it will mock you before, during, and after it crushes you.

Instead, you must address the gaze of life with both the stamp of your intention, and with the strength of your purpose.


You must learn to stare into the eyes of the beast called “Life,” with confidence.

You must look at life with a poised steadiness, and be rooted in your belief of self.

For life is a beast that has ruled a trillion before you, and will dominate an infinity after you.

You must stare directly into the steely gaze of life, and say with both the berserker rage of old and the infinite calmness of certainty, “It is I, that owns you. Not the other way around.”

The beast, like all apex predators, will resist.

It will kick, claw and bite at you with rebellious fervor.

But, you must stay steadfast, unrelenting and strong.

For only through your commitment to being immovable, and the relentless imposition of your will, can you hold any chance of taming the untameable, and of unlocking all of life’s fruits and the Eldorado of power that resides within you.


Life is a game, a game that can only be won only by the bold.

Everyone participates, yet most dissipate into the nothingness of mediocrity. For what they fail to realize is that life — like the sea — is never static.

Life can either be your friend and transport you to new lands, or it can be your enemy and drown you. Which of these two options life will be to you, will depend on one simple choice—the decision to act, or the decision to be passive.


To the passive, belong the prickly rewards of ‘want,’ and a cursed existence of ‘need.’

For the passive amongst us fail to realize that to wait for desires is an infinite fools errand.

All the “nice” and “polite” b.s. that these fools display, takes them further from their desires, while burying them under a rubble of their own tasteless platitudes.

Conversely, to the active belong the prized possessions of ‘Opportunity’ and ‘Chance.’ For it is the only really the active, who are granted the truest of spoils, and the greatest of life’s treasures.

For through their purposeful, or even inadvertent actions, the active among us tap into the Universal Law of Attraction.


Much has been said about this law, and a myriad of books have dedicated thousands of words to the subject matter.

Yet these books, such as the (not so secret) Secret, have created a bastardized version of what is actually a very simple law.

Like gravity, the Law of Attraction works constantly and consistently within everyone’s life.

Universal laws don’t wait for your belief in them to manifest. Nor do they care not of your understanding of them. These laws are, and always will be, a consistent constant of existence.

I say that books like the Secret have created “bastardized” understandings of the Law of Attraction because they give a false impression of how the process works.

Most exponents of the Secret or books like it, seem to think that if they simply think about something, they can manifest it.

But, what they fail to understand is that thinking about what you desire is only part of the equation. The remainder of which requires CONSISTENT thinking about what you desire. In addition to which, the ingredient of Active Belief is vital to the recipe of Attraction.


Belief, true Belief, is active.

Most think that belief is simply cerebral, or spiritual, or at best, mental.

However, belief is mental, spiritual, and physical.

Think of these three things as elements of a circuit.

Without the active participation and inclusion of all three elements, a current of energy (belief) cannot be generated.


Most people find it easy to think about belief, but find it immobilizing to act upon it.

In truth, we have become a world full of people that think more than they act; leaving many in what can only be termed as a ‘Bankruptcy of action.’

Unfortunately this rise in inaction debilitates would-be dreams and futures.


This is because out of all the Law of Attraction ingredients mentioned (mental, spiritual, and physical) the “physical” element or ‘action’ is king.

For when we take action, we demonstrate belief by default. We do this by Acting on our belief.

So the fact that people are passive, and lack the element of action when it comes to their beliefs, is also the culprit and thief responsible for people not attaining their dreams and desires.


The solution is simple:

  1. Decide what you want
  2. Think about it CONSISTENTLY
  3. While thinking about it, take ACTION toward your goal on a daily basis
  4. Enjoy the attainment and fulfilment that comes as a result

Until next time, make sure to Live More Than You Exist.