To Lift Or Not To Lift; A Woman’s Guide To Pumping Iron

Dear Readers, todays guest post is from my good friend, and multi-talented blogger of subjects such as life, love, health, kids, and fitness; the always informative, Bella. You can keep up with her great tweets at @Bellabri1 and remember to check out her superb site The Bella







“I don’t lift weights, I don’t want to look bulky like a man.”

“Don’t get too big, you don’t want to look manly.”

“I could NEVER do what you do. You’re CRAZY!”

These are just some of things I hear in my world all the time.

The people who are making these statements, are in fact, clueless. They are uneducated about what a fit lifestyle does for a woman’s body. I was once one of those uneducated people.

I started my journey into fitness last year in April. I was finally ready to commit to ME. I really just wanted to tone up some of the left-over weight that was lingering from when I had my child, 6 years ago.

The benefits of hard work

The Benefits of Hard Work

I hired a trainer because I honestly had no clue how to use anything but a treadmill in the gym. That was the BEST decision I ever made. He made me feel comfortable with the equipment, told me what to eat and how to eat it, and really just kicked my ass when I was at the gym. That’s what I paid him to do! Currently, I no longer use a trainer and I haven’t for some time but if it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t have come as far as I have. I now LOVE to lift weights. It has become a high for me… but to me, it’s the best kind of high. It’s an all-natural way to get the endorphins flowing.

I know when someone walks into a gym for the first time, it can be intimidating. All those fit people and machines can really make someone uneasy and terrified. Hire a trainer if that’s the case, even if it is for a month or two. They’ll guide you in the right direction!

There are so many benefits to lifting weights as a woman. A few of them are burning more fat than just cardio alone, building better bone density, better sleep, increased energy, reduced stress, better metabolism, and control over your mind and body.
Women are not built like men. We don’t have the testosterone in our bodies like men do, and the chances of us ending up looking overly bulky or muscular, are minimal. As a matter of fact, if you add lifting to your cardio workouts, it can create a stronger and LEANER look.

When someone says, “I’m crazy”, I look at them with a puzzled expression, as they puff on their cigarette. I think, “Well, I don’t know about that one. I know that smoking kills, soooo…” All the judgments that people make on others that are trying to live a better, healthier,  life are — at best — laughable. Personally, I get judged because I eat the same things all the time, or because I’d rather spend my Friday night at the gym?

I don’t get how those things are so ‘wrong?’ At first, it would bother me, but now – I pay no mind to these comments. Although, I have to admit that sometimes I do agree with some of their comments. For-instance, I agree that they’re right when they say that they could NEVER do what I do. I mean how could they? Because what I do, takes HEART! It takes DISCIPLINE of the mind, the soul, and the body. It takes GUTS. Guts to commit to something wholeheartedly. It takes the desire to always be better than you were yesterday. It takes PASSION.

So, the next time you feel like you need a change in your life, maybe you can try lifting weights. It has worked wonders for me, and has ignited something deep down inside of me; something that I never knew was there.

Hey, the way I see it; you will never know, if you don’t try!


5 responses to “To Lift Or Not To Lift; A Woman’s Guide To Pumping Iron

  1. Wow – this post rocks, Bella! You are a total inspiration! People are so quick to judge – ironically – especially when we are taking better care of ourselves. You are so right it DOES take guts to ignore the naysayers and do what we know is true for ourselves.

    Thanks also for the great info you provide here on lifting. Great post!!

    Peace to you ~ Allison

    • Thanks Allison. I truly believe that I found my passion and my life has never been so “fulfilled” until this. I believe it so much I got “Live with Passion” tattooed on my arm 🙂
      Good luck with your journey to find your passion if you haven’t already found it.
      I’ll be posting more about fitness soon!

      Have a great day

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