Writing From The Heart

We writers all swim in the swimming pool of complexity that has been created for us.

A pool that is created by the experts and gurus who stand by the edge of this pool — all yelling words of encouragement, words of instruction — all while we struggle to stay above the waters of conformity.

But, what we don’t realize, is that all we need do is straighten our legs and stand up. Stand up, as we realize that what we once thought was a deep, all encompassing pool, was nothing more than shallow water.

We must stand and listen; listen for the echo of a voice in the night. An echo that our thoughts once knew, an echo that are heart still seeks.
We must follow the sound of this smallest of voices; follow it along the journey it takes us on. Follow it along the pathways that have become dusty with neglect, along the unbeaten track that leads us to a tired animal. An animal that we must spend time with, feed with our truth, and nurture with our genuineness. An animal we must listen to, and heed. Let it’s growing clarity — that once was a whimper — become the roar of a lion.

A lion that is you my friend, and who’s roar is your own. For THIS is your writers voice my friend. And when you find that voice — the one you were born with, but lost within the noise of life — you must keep it, protect it, and ultimately share it through your writing.

It’s this voice that cannot be taught, learnt, or manufactured.
It’s this, and this alone — that should be your North Star every-time you write.

So go write from this voice, your heart, and your soul — for anything less, is not worth writing at all.


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