Why I Wrote Dating, Without The Game

I recently released a new book.

It took me around three months to write, but its been years in the making.

Many people have asked me why I even bothered to write a book, especially considering that I’m working on a deadline with AMC to complete the TV series that I’m writing for them. Well, my answer to all that ask me why I wrote the book is simply “I realized that if I didn’t do it now, that I never would.”

Which is truthfully no exaggeration. As my screenwriting schedule constantly increases its hungry demand upon my time — its pretty obvious that I’ll soon be too busy to work on any side projects.

So why a relationship book? Well its simple really, I love watching, studying, and understanding, human social-dynamics. When I first started my 20 years of training with my mentor, I learned many things. I learned the art of boxing, how to develop a strong psyche, master myself physically and mentally, develop a spiritual connection, and a plethora of other things that have all been more than useful.
But, what I loved the most, along this enlightening journey, was learning about relationships.

I enjoyed it so much that I even started working as a professional relationship coach. This allowed me to be fortunate enough to be able to empower many men; empower them with the tools it takes to build/ have, solid and successful relationships with the type of strong and independent women that they’ve always dreamt of meeting.

Despite having enjoyed being able to help so many men to achieve their personal relationship/ life goals — what I haven’t enjoyed, is having to witness the rise in all the Pick Up Artist material that currently floods bookshelves, iPads and Kindle’s across the world — a tsunami of material that encourages fake behaviors, and offers nothing more than band-aid solutions to the deeper problems that men face.

Despite having to devote my time to screenwriting, I couldn’t help but take fleeting glances over at the online bookshelves of Amazon, and the bookstores that I like to visit. I couldn’t help but notice how books on Pick Up Artistry were growing in demand, rather than dwindling.

I don’t blame guys for turning to these materials though. Why would I? Think about it… guy likes girl. But guy doesn’t know how to attract her. So what does he do? He seeks out a book. Unfortunately the majority of the books that are available on this subject, focus only on teaching guys how to act attractive. Teaching them canned lines, and all manners of tricks that help a guy act attractive long enough to fake his way into a woman’s bed.

Our guy in question (or any guy for that matter) doesn’t know any better, so he reads a few books on the subject. Maybe he attracts that girl. Maybe he gets to sleep with that girl. But, then what? What if he likes her? I mean REALLY likes her. What if wants to have a long-term relationship with her? What does he do now? He’s stuck because he went into this relationship with fake and manipulative behaviours. So he has no choice but to maintain the facade. But how long can he keep up the act? A week, month, a year? How long before the chinks in his armor start to show? How long before she realizes that he was pretending to be someone that he wasn’t? Worse still, how long before he loses her?

You see, when you go into a relationship with a lie, that relationship will always need lies for sustenance. Without lies (its original food), the relationship will come tumbling down. And lies are like time-bombs; they are just waiting to go off.

Thats why I believe in my methods, and in all that I’ve been taught, and teach. The methods of Genuine Manliness that I’ve mastered over two decades, lead you down a path of authenticity and integrity. A path that means the women that you attract, and enter into a relationship with, are with you for you — not some illusionary version of you.

I have no interest in teaching guys how to act attractive, but every interest in teaching them how to BE attractive.

Thats why I wrote Dating, Without The Game. To show men that there is another way to attract women, apart from being fake. I wanted to open them up to a way that would allow them to be genuine, authentic, and be the type of man that they’ve always dreamt of being — all while attracting amazing women.

I’m sure that everyone who reads this book will gain a wealth of wisdom that will not only revolutionize their dating life, but also the way they view all their social interactions in general.

Please feel free to email me with any comments that you have about the book, and to also leave a review on Amazon. Let’s spread the word, and bring back GENUINENESS, and INTEGRITY, to the world of dating!


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