Breakfast With The Reaper: How Dying Brought Me To Life

The first time I died was on a Tuesday.

Thats a pretty cool opening line, right? Personally, I think it fucking rocks!

And as a professional ghostwriter, I think a line like that could serve as a powerful opening to a very promising piece of fiction.

But heres the thing, thats not a line from a story that I thought up; thats actually an excerpt from my journal. Which is funny because I never thought that my own life would become stranger than fiction.

The reason I’ve been AWOL from this blog for so long/ the reason why I’m now having to wipe off the dust from my keyboard/ blow-away the cobwebs from this blog — is that for the last year or so, I’ve been having breakfast, lunch and dinner with the Reaper. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s a generous guy. He turns up without complaint, picks up the bill for our time together, and even uses medical professionals to remind me to “get my affairs in order” whenever he’s on his way. But, despite his punctuality and consideration, I’m just not that into him 😉

Throughout 2016, and up until a few weeks back, I’ve been dealing with brain aneurysms. The experience has been akin to living in a war zone — unsure if today could become my last day.

I’ve experienced issues with my coordination. I’ve experienced memory loss. And on some occasions when the ruptures were bad enough to also stop my heart — I died.
Yup, you read that correctly, I died. And not once, but a few times. Told you I was busy!

During the past year I got to watch my life unravel, and I got to watch all that I had built, collapse. I got to experience what its like to be on the other side of life (no Hallmark ‘white light’ stuff, but plenty of other interesting things). And I also got to experience what its like to have brain damage and a lack of coordination as a result.

I know thats a pretty negative sounding list. But all these things actually turned out to be huge positives for me. As by going through all these things, I was able to gain the power of PERSPECTIVE.

I got to realize that the life I had built — no matter how good it had looked on the surface — wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I got to realize that I had lost touch with who I really was — on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

So with all that said, this blog will now take a different path.

In the past I’ve used this medium to share generic advice (so generic that even the comments section was closed. Its open now though!). However from now on I’ll be sharing personalized articles on what I’ve learned/ am learning. More importantly, I will also be showing you how you can APPLY these things into your own life, so that you can gain the success that you desire.

I stress the word “APPLY” because advice only really becomes useful when applied. The internet is full of great articles and superb advice, however a lot of it is difficult to apply, or to even understand.

My aim is to share my own journey with you here, and also — more importantly — to leave you with takeaways that you can instantly apply to your own life; in order to instigate real and visible change, immediately.

Its good to be back. Even better to be of service to you all.

Here’s to Success!

Until next time, make sure to Live More Than You Exist.

Ethan Michael Carter

10 responses to “Breakfast With The Reaper: How Dying Brought Me To Life

  1. Amazing. So glad that the long term effects have not slowed you down. You are an inspiration and I look forward to reading and supporting you in your journey! So glad you are recovering and grateful you are willing to be so open about what you are going through!

    • Thank you for your superb comment! It’s been a rough trip with the aneurysms, but I’m all good now! Looking forward to sharing more of my journey and to hopefully… DEFINITELY… inspire as many people as I can!

    • Thank you Tricia! I appreciate your comment, especially as you’ve been through a similar experience! Look forward to updating you on my progress, and also to seeing how your own fascinating journey unfolds!

  2. So glad you’re sharing your experience. Inspiring by example!

    I also have to say thank you for some advice I got from you a while back that is still serving me well. That was how not to let the negative events and tragedies in my life stifle my creativity. Much appreciated!

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