Belief, Delusion, And Other Drugs

What Is The Quality That All Successful People Share?

There is a quality that all successful people, no matter their background or personality, seem to share. It’s not an optional quality in the equation to success, it’s actually a requirement. That quality is Delusion.

You see, all successful people have this quality of delusion, or for want of a better word “Belief.”

Belief is simply delusion presented in an attractive manner. It sounds better too. I mean think about it, if I was to say “I’m a man with a delusion,” as opposed to “I’m a man with a belief,” wouldn’t your response to what I had to say, be a lot different?

But trust me when I tell you…

Belief is delusion, and delusion is belief.

Wasn’t it delusional for a 15 year old boy to wipe away his tears of rejection, and think that he could work hard and use his pain to become a legend in the sport that had just recently overlooked him? Tell that to NBA legend Michael Jordan.

Or how about the young man that dropped out of his college course after only six months to join a calligraphy class. A move that he took that was not based on career prospects but simply passion; one that resulted in him having to sleep in different friends rooms, and collecting bottles for money so that he could eat. Was this young mans decision to follow his passion delusional? Perhaps. But I’m glad he did because without Steve Jobs I wouldn’t have had the Apple products that I enjoy using.

You see, successful people have this understanding with themselves, like a delusional belief. They dare to believe “I’m going to do something different than has ever been done before.”

Successful people have this deep and unrelenting idea that they’re not going to be told what to do because they know where they’re going. They let their passions be their North Star, and not the opinions of others.

Realism Is The Path To Mediocrity

One of the most pervasive terms in society is “Be realistic.”

People grow up hearing this term, and then grow old spreading it. It’s like a virus that people willfully contract, and happily pass along. It corrupts and infects dreams.

Let me tell you something about realism, something that most of its advocates don’t tell you…

In the spectrum of life, Realism and Success are on two opposites sides.

That’s right, these two things are not related in any way, shape, or form. If you pick the side of Realism you’re choosing to be average, and you’re welcoming a future laced with mediocrity. You’re also choosing to be accepted, over being exceptional.

If you choose the side of Success then you’re welcoming short term discomfort (being mocked and seen as weird), but you’re also creating a future where you can enjoy success on your terms, a life where you’re being authentic and genuine to your hearts desires.

Words Are Seeds

Where you are today is because of what you’ve been saying about yourself. Words are like seeds. When you say something positive or negative about yourself, you give life to what you’re saying. If you continue to say it, eventually those words will become a reality. This is a Universal law. So whether you realize it or not, you are using your words about yourself to create a very definite future.

This law is great when you’re saying positive things about yourself like “I’m strong.” “I will accomplish my dreams.” “I’m blessed.” “I’m abundant.”

Saying things like this is more than just “being positive”, or “wishful thinking.” When you talk in a positive light about yourself like this, you’re creating a victorious future. You’re creating success. Creating new levels of greatness.

Your life will obediently move in the direction of your words.

Too many people spend their time creating the opposite of what they want in life. They think things like “I’ll never get married,” or “I’ll never get back in shape,” or “I’m broke” or “Successful people are just lucky, and I’m not.”

These people don’t realize that they are creating defeat for themselves. They are reinforcing the current negative situations that they are experiencing, which guarantees a negative future.

It’s like they’re calling in bad breaks, mediocrity, lack; welcoming all the things they don’t really want.

When it’s all said and done, you can’t escape the fact that you’re planting seeds when you talk. And at some point, you’re going to have to reap the harvest. Whether it’s a good or bad one, that’s on you.

Be The Idiot, Crazy Person, or Loser

Every successful person, personal hero, or idol that you’ve ever had, was once referred to as an idiot, crazy person, or a loser. Why? Because to be successful you must break societies status quo. The status quo is what society classes as normality. And normality is really just being alive but not really living.

There is so much power in non conformity — in breaking the status quo — that society tries its best to keep people in a state of suppression. Tactics like labeling and shaming are used to keep people in-line. As a result people live like zombies; working jobs they hate (but are considered normal) and lacking any kind of real fulfillment, and all in the name of “normality”.

See the thing is, society realizes the power of belief. It realizes that…

If the belief of just one individual runs wild, it can influence and lead thousands of others people to do the same. One person with a belief, can override thousands of people with just intent.

Here’s the thing: Your life is not just about making money. It’s not just about having titles. It’s not just about having the hot trophy wife or husband.

Your life is about a moment to come. A moment that’s inevitable. Right now you have the most valuable asset in the Universe on your side — time.

But it’s running out.

I know that making the first step — the step toward greatness — is the hardest step.

But there is something even harder than taking that step my friends. It’s having to find yourself later in life — looking back at all the doors of opportunities that have closed. A time when your ability is no longer present, and you’re left with only haunting memories of what you could have achieved. In that bleak future, you’ll try and run from this feeling of regret.

What you’ll try and do is bury this feeling deep inside yourself. You won’t tell anyone what you know you could have been. Yet, deep down you’ll know that you’ll be living a life where you’re second best to your true potential. But, you’ll stay quiet, act normal, and settle for your mediocre life. But then one day, one of your friends is going to succeed in some endeavor. And even though you know you should be happy for him, you’re instead going to HATE him for it. Because his success is going to be like a spotlight shining down on your missed opportunities.

We all have the ability to do anything. So I advise you to take action RIGHT NOW.

Or else risk that bleak future of regret. A future in which you’re considered normal, but also a future in which your lack of fulfillment has turned you bitter.

Stop Wasting Time

Whatever you want to do, whatever idea that you have, whatever dream is tapping you on the shoulder — if you don’t feed it, you’ll starve it to death.

While you sit around, life is in constant motion. In fact there goes a second. There goes another second, and another.

Life is happening right now. So stop playing it safe.

If you’re waiting for the right time to do something, I promise that “right” time will never come.

If you’re waiting to be ready, I promise that you’ll never “really feel” ready.

The “right” times aren’t waited for, they are created. They are created through simply taking action.

We are all stronger than we think, but because we haven’t experienced that strength, we tend to have an inclination to treat ourselves with kid gloves.

Let me tell you right now, you don’t know what levels of strength really reside within you until you test yourself. The only way to do that, is to apply pressure. The only way to apply pressure is to come out of your comfort zone. And the only way to do that is by taking ACTION toward your goals/ risking failure, in order to succeed/putting your ego on the line and being mocked by the mediocre for striving to achieve amazing things.

So stop wasting time reading this, and go find or use your Delusional Belief by taking ACTION based upon that.

This way you won’t be dreaming of greatness, you’ll be creating it.

Until next time… LIVE MORE THAN YOU EXIST.