Fist Fight: How I Learned About The Multiverse

Have you ever been punched?

Have you ever felt the bone-edged weapon of an opponents fist on your face; felt it connect with your jaw and ricochet off with a violent caress?

Have you ever felt your teeth and equilibrium rattle under the onslaught of an attack? And have you felt your body drown so quickly and completely under a tsunami of adrenaline and confusion — that your physical structure thankfully wishes to cave-in and fall to the welcoming ground below?

I ask you again, have you ever been punched…

Caleb threw a right hook at me.

I leant backwards and felt the air of his knuckles brush my face.

As I took a few steps to the left to gain my composure, I felt good about myself — accomplished. It was a state of grace and one that lasted for all but a fleeting moment; a moment that was rudely interrupted by Caleb’s jab introducing itself to my mouth with a bloody handshake.

My hands dropped, but Caleb didn’t care. He rushed forward and launched his right knee into my stomach, making my organs feel as if they were being squeezed together like an accordion, and leaving me feeling as if I was hemorrhaging air.

As I struggled to catch my breath, I noticed Caleb’s right shoulder move back, but the forward motion was a blur as my body rushed to kiss the lush green grass below me.

Laying face down on the ground I shook my head as I spat out errant blades of blood-stained grass that had found their way into my mouth.

“Get up,” I thought to myself “get the fuck up.”

Scrambling to find some purchase in the ground with whatever energy I had left, I clawed at the grass, collecting soil samples under my fingernails as I did.

I got up feeling almost drunk and uneasy. It may sound strange but in some ways the sensation wasn’t entirely unpleasant. It was an experience unique only to getting hit, or talking to someone who got hit on a regular basis.

My hands waved and shook uncontrollably from exhaustion as I raised them, and my heavy breathing was almost as noisy as the waterfall nearby.

I was uneasy and unstable, a quivering mess of a man. But I was standing nonetheless.

I looked up at the towering 7 feet of pain-deliverance that stared back at me, the light from his headlight-bright eyes making my own bruised eyelids squint.

Nodding, I signaled for him to continue; his green light to paint my face with red hues of swollen agony.

Caleb took a step closer and I prepared myself for the onslaught, but then he stopped and laughed.

“Meet me by the brook, asshole.” He gruffly said, before turning and walking away. Leaving me to fall to the floor in an exhalation of relief.

Twenty minutes later, I was sitting on the grass by Caleb at the brook. The sound of the water was soothing. Ironically the smell of his cigar smoke that drifted in the breeze, had a comforting feel to it.

Despite all my visits to the Other Realm, I still couldn’t quite believe that this Spirit was a smoker, and one that cussed regularly.

As I thought about how wrong the saintly pictures and religious depictions of angels were back in my world, I had lost count of how many times Caleb had called me an “asshole”, “pussy”“idiot” or “fucker”, in this realm. He had called me these names so many times that I wondered if he remembered my actual name anymore…

Thoughts, And The Multiverse

Today’s conversation with Caleb had been on thoughts, time, and the Multiverse.

You see what I learned is that time, as we perceive it, is really just a joke in the large scale of things.

Our perceptions and measurements of time are not only limiting, but are also debilitating to our personal progress. And our predictions and prescriptions of time are a both self-deluding, and self-destructive prophecies that lead to nothing but stagnant existences.

The truth is that the past, present and future are happening simultaneously, and in Multiverses and countless realms of existence.

Our small minded and very linear perception of time robs us of the very POWER that we hold within us.

People walk around thinking aimlessly, assuming that their decisions and actions are inconsequential. When in reality each and every thought you have, and each and every action you take based upon that thought — impacts your life in this reality and in every other non-corporeal version of yourself in the Multiverse.

The old adage of “Everything happens for a reason” is something that we’ve heard so many times and from so many people, that we now take it for granted. However this proverbial “saying” that is reflected and expressed in almost every country and religion in the world, is actually a very real fact and a very real Multiversal law that we overlook on a regular basis.

I agree that we often do not/ will not ever see or understand the reason for an event occurring, but there is always — ALWAYS — one. This is Universal and Multiversal law, and something that cannot be denied.

Scientifically speaking, I’m sure (I hope) most people would have heard of Causality or at the very least the “Cause and effect” theory as it’s more commonly known. This is succinctly explained by Newtons third-law of motion where he states

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Most people would accept this statement from Newton in a logical sense. But most people would also assume this applies to physical things only. They overlook the weight and impact of their thoughts, in relation to this equation.

To use an analogy:

Your thoughts can be viewed as vehicles. And the attention you give to them, can be viewed as fuel.

Every thought you have, has the potential to transport you and your life to a specific destination.

The more CONSISTENT attention that you give to a thought, the more likely you will fuel it; the more likely you fuel it, the more likely that you will reach the corresponding destination of where that thought is leading you.

This happens constantly, and does so regardless of whether the destination is beneficial or detrimental to you.

Why? Because it’s a Universal/ Multiversal law. These laws do not differentiate between good or bad, they simply operate consistently and without any bias.

A good example of a Multiversal law is that of Gravity.
If two people, one a murderer and the other a charity worker, both jump off of a building, they’ll both hit the floor regardless of their deeds. Gravity won’t make any character assessments as they fall, for in the Universe(s) there is no ‘good’ and there is no ‘bad’ there is only expression.

In the same way as gravity operates, so do your thoughts.

Your thoughts (positive or negative) will always lead you to destinations (good or bad) when energized by the fuel of your consistent attention.

This is a law that is in constant operation in your life. Whether you know it or not, or whether you like it or not — it operates continually.

You see, when you think about something consistently you send echoes through the Universe(s) and you start to form the destination at which you will most certainly end up.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t some bastardized version of the Secret that I’m trying to sell you on. I would never suggest that you sit on your ass and simply think your way to the things that you desire. That would be a one way ticket to mediocrity and a waste of your time. I firmly believe in the power of taking ACTION, and I believe that action trumps talent or wishful thinking — every damn time.

However, action without belief (the correct mindset and thoughts) is nothing more than a recipe for a dish known as Poor Results.

That’s why so many people try and lose weight, yet fail. Why even though they bought the gym membership and even though they put in the effort — they failed miserably and quit, a few Twinkies… months later.

The same scenario occurs with people wanting to start a business, but who fail. For people who want to write a book but don’t. And for any other endeavor you can think of.

The reason for all these failures is down to the fact that these people set out internally believing that they couldn’t succeed.

They wanted to succeed.
They outwardly declared to friends and family that they were going to be like Nike and “Just to do it!”

But despite their outward actions and declarations, internally they didn’t really believe they could do it.

And that lack of belief is what sabotaged them.

That lack of belief is what sent out an echo of failure on their behalf; one that was heard throughout the Universe(s).
An echo that went to work on forming that eventual day of failure that was to arrive a few months later; the day when said person would sit there defeated, pity party at the ready, and reel of a set of bullshit excuses as to why they “Just couldn’t do it,” or how “Life is unfair.” That day of final failure and quitting that they would experience; it was crafted and formed well before they even started day one of pursuing their desire.

It wasn’t life that robbed them of success, nor was it any outward circumstance, but instead the real thief and the real enemy in their story, was their mind.

You see one of the greatest things that Caleb has ever taught me is that:

You are your own Savior, and you are your own Devil.

Many religious texts talk of “Satan” being an external being. To that I would say, if you want to meet the devil, then look in the fucking mirror!

You are the devil, and you are the reason why your life is not where it should be. You, you, fucking-you!

And by the same token, anything that has gone right/ will go right in the future, is because of you too. Because you are your own Savior.

You may want to place blame on people and on circumstances. You may want to waddle in a ‘woe is me’ mentality. But all that will do is entrap you further.
For the more you drown yourself in pity or sadness, the more your thoughts will send out messages to the Multiverse to reinforce your current situation in the future too.

You must realize that your past, present and future are fluid.

If you have always been in bad relationships/ currently are in one now, you can escape that.

If you have always felt stuck in your job and unable to start a business, you can escape that.

No matter where you are, or what you’re unhappy with, understand that you are NOT trapped by anyone or anything apart from YOURSELF.

First of all, accept that you put yourself there. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but do it anyway. Because through accepting this heavy responsibility for where you are now in life, you can then also accept the power that comes with it.

The power to know that:

By changing your thoughts, you can influence your beliefs


And as those thoughts and beliefs are consistently fed with the attention of your energy, you will be naturally inspired (true inspiration comes from with-in, not from with-out) to take action


And by taking action on those beliefs, you can completely change your life

Your past is not a prediction of your future, no more than your present is an inescapable prison of circumstance.

Understand the fluidity of your current situation. And realize the CREATIVE POWER of your THOUGHTS and ACTIONS.

Apply this understanding to your life so that you think and act with definite purpose.

For additional reading, make sure to read the original article The Life and Eight Deaths of Ethan Michael Carter, which is located on Tricia Barkers superb blog. And while you’re there I highly suggest that you read more about her own amazing near-death experience, and learn about her memoir in-progress, Healed. And also make sure to follow her on Twitter.

Until next time, make sure to Live More Than You Exist.

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