Cigarettes, Alcohol and Other Spiritual Practices

Alcohol, cigars, cigarettes and drugs. What do they all have in common? Escapism.

Masturbation, religion and modern day spirituality. What do they all have in common? Delusion.

Most spiritual and religious practices that currently exist/ are being used widely by the masses, do very little to affect actual change in people’s lives. However what they do — all too well — is keep people trapped in dogmatic delusions.

Ask the religious man/ woman if their practice is like the spiritualist, and they will most probably turn their nose up in disgust.

Conversely, ask the spiritual practitioner if he/ she shares any commonality with a religious person, and you’ll get the same rejective shudder of “No fucking way!”

Yet despite both factions denouncing any and all association with each other, the truth is that they are more similar than they realize.

Both the religious devotee and the spiritual practitioner seek help from a “Higher power” and both parties feel that all answers reside within this power.

So they pray, or meditate respectively. Waiting for prayers to be answered, or for enlightenment to find them.

They wait diligently with “faith,” and with great expectation, however they still do not receive what they desire. And as a result they blame their plight on the unfairness of life. Yet below the surface there is another more powerful process at work, one that dictates their outcomes and eludes their attention.

You see, for most religious or spiritual practitioners, their outward appearance and belief systems are nothing more than a mask; one that hides their true doubts and crippling insecurities. Because despite all their attendances of church, or for all the meditative retreats they attend — neither party actually believes that they are actually worthy of the help they seek.

The spiritual practitioner learns dozens of meditations and attends countless retreats. He/ she pours their earnings and time into learning from teachers. And they do this all while still secretly believing that they are not good enough.

By the same token, the religious person does exactly the same. He/ she may devote consistent time and prayer to their chosen religion, but they inwardly feel as though God is beyond them and that they are not good enough to receive the blessings they seek.

Both parties proceed like this, and they fail in equal measure; being left only with the gaping hole of emptiness that they began with; an emptiness which lasts a lifetime as they continue down their hamster wheel approach of chasing their own tail (or should I say “tale” for only a fairy would pursue this line of action)

You see one of the greatest lessons that I’ve learnt in the Other Realm from my mentor Caleb, is that all your thoughts are all powerful.

What you think about consistently, generates creative forces that form the construct of your life.

Whether your thoughts are good or bad is inconsequential. Multiversal law is without bias or favor, and it dictates that what you think about (positive or negative) will be what you receive in the form of people and circumstances (good or bad)

So because the religious person and/ or spiritual practitioner are operating from a place of internal doubt, placing importance on external factors while ignoring their internal power — they will and do, fail to attain what they desire; becoming the instigators of a self fulfilling prophecy of lack.

Most modern day spiritual and religious practice is truly just a form of Soul-masturbation. Whereby you think you’re doing something meaningful, but really your efforts are being channeled into self delusion; which is really the ultimate drug of all.

There is nothing wrong with meditation, spiritual or even religious practice; these can all be good vehicles for spiritual growth.

However the real fault resides internally, in thinking that you’re not good enough and also in seeking escapism as a substitute for active change.

You must feed the mind, body and soul in equal measure. Not just for physical and emotional health, but for your overall spiritual growth.

There is no point in meditating/ praying for hours on end, if your body is being neglected in the process.

There is no point in renouncing worldly possessions, when you currently live in a material realm; where to do so, would be both ludicrous and stupid.

To truly gain fulfillment and to attain what you desire, your mind must be diligently focused on positives, and be done so with intense discipline.

This in turn will generate internal momentum or a spark; one that must be ignited by the power of your action based upon these positive thoughts.

As you do this, you must believe in your worthiness to have your hearts desires. This belief will have to be a consistent discipline to start with, as you will most certainly be already afflicted by decades of negative thinking and doubt. But just as you spent years training your mind to doubt, you can also train it to believe. You just need to apply consistency to achieve this.

If you can do these things, you can have anything you desire. If that sounds like wishful thinking, then I challenge you to try the above methods for the next 12 weeks. I guarantee that if you stay the course, your life will be revolutionized.

Now in addition to the things I mentioned (which cover your mental and spiritual wellbeing) you must maintain your physical wellbeing.

This means you’ll have to (no choice here) exercise your body through workouts/ take up a martial art or coordination practice like dance/ AND meditate regularly.

If this all sounds a bit much, that’s because it is. You see, the path to success and true spirituality is no easy feat or achievement.

You can’t be a lazy fool and skimp on your physical exercises.

Nor can you ignore the pursuit of your desires, while focusing too much on physical pursuits.

To be truly spiritual you must do ALL of what is prescribed above and do so consistently.

Until next time, make sure to Live More Than You Exist.

4 responses to “Cigarettes, Alcohol and Other Spiritual Practices

    • Thank you for your comment Mark.

      I’m glad you also agree that the disconnect between spirituality and practicality is increasing.

      If applicability became the uniform measurement by which we weigh the usefulness of a concept, then I think more people would enjoy the fruits of progress in their lives.

  1. Thank you for such an insightful article. It is true that somewhere along the way “new age” spiritual practioners have become as hipocritical as many religions. It’s one thing to say something, quite another to walk your talk. This applies to anyone, but is especially important to people who call themselves teachers or leaders.

    • I agree, new age spiritual practitioners and religious people have lost their ways. They revel in theory while their actions make them nothing more than hypocritical and delusional.

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